Always forgive your enemies. But never forget their names and faces.

This quote which I reblogged just a while ago reminded me of something. Let me tell you a story, a story which is very relevant to this quote.

It was a Thursday, and Khalil and I were sitting at the front row. We were sweating because we were so nervous, and our hands were shaking as we scribbled our computations on a small sheet of paper. Yes, we were in the MTAP Division Finals, and I was holding my tears back, because we were falling behind. I was scared because I knew that we would never be the champion, and that just sucks because we were the champion when we were in second year. I was even more scared because chances are small that we would be placing in the top 3. I tried hard not to falter and cry, and I didn’t. Thank goodness.

When the competition ended, XUHS was hailed champion and we were tied with Kong Hua and LDCU. The three of us competed to get the second place and third place. Kong Hua was eliminated because of its wrong answer to one of the questions of the clincher round. Our school and LDCU still got the same score after the clincher round, so we had to proceed to the Do-or-Die Round.

When I read the question on the paper that was given to us, I was astounded. It was so damn hard and I thought I was reading Greek. I asked Khalil if he knows how to solve it and I couldn’t remember what he replied, so I just tried computing. A few seconds after, one of the contestants of LDCU passed their answer and it was correct!

I was like, “DAFUQ?!”

I read the question again and I realized that it was so freaking easy and I was so stupid. It was as easy as 1+1, but it was converted to something very tricky. And I fell into the trap. Dafuq. I was so disappointed and I blamed myself for being in third place and not in second place.

I was so mad at the contestants of LDCU and I don’t even know why. Is it because I was jealous? Maybe. Or maybe because, my emotions just carried me away. I don’t know. I swore to myself that next year, I will have my revenge on them and I told myself, “I will never forget their names and faces.”

And so when I got home, I immediately searched their names on Facebook.

LOL. And now that I remember what I did during those days, I can’t help but laugh at myself. I was so stupid at that time, letting the hatred inside eat me and make me bad person. I was so immature for searching their names on Facebook and for swearing to myself that I will never forget their names and faces. I was so stupid for thinking that I will have revenge on them, even though they have not done anything wrong to me.

Yep, they have not done anything wrong to me and they are not my enemies. And now I am really sorry for thinking that back then.

But still, I couldn’t erase the fact that I have never forgotten their names and faces. HAHA.