What if?

What if everytime a person commits a mistake, a day is subtracted from his life? What if a person will die sooner than the others because he has not been a good person and he has not lived his life well? 

If this happens, I don’t know what the world will become. Will it be a better place, because people will try hard to become good citizens? People will stop judging each other, bullies will stop bullying small children, and criminals will stop killing people. People will say sorry immediately to the people they have sinned at, and everyone will be in peace. There will be no wars, and everyone will be happy.

But since I also have a pessimistic side, I also thought that the world will be in chaos if this happens. People will be good, just because they do not want to die early, and not because they are genuine. People will be fake, and I will not know who is real and who isn’t. And when people die, other people will judge them by saying, “Oh, they’re the bad kind of people, and that is why they died early.” That won’t be reasonable, because there are people who die because of murder or sickness.

But really, what if? I know that I have sinned a lot, and I am wondering, how many years could have already been subtracted from my life? When will I die? Next decade? Next year? Next month? Tomorrow?

How about you? Think about it.