Random Childhood Facts

April 24, 2012 / 13 Note(s)
  • I used to play everyday.
  • Mom wouldn’t allow us to go out before afternoon, so my sister and I  would always escape the house.
  • I got bullied once by a boy who lived at the end of the street. Eff him. 
  • We had two mango trees in our backyard, and we would often eat mangoes for snacks. I never learned to climb trees, though. :(
  • Because of my bike, I was able to explore different places.
  • I learned how to make paper airplanes that could actually fly from a childhood friend named RR.
  • My sister and I had a friend named Caryl. We used to have sleepovers and she had a gazillion Barbie dolls.
  • I had more boy playmates than girls.
  • I remember cooking using an empty can and grains of rice I stole from our house. We even used fire.
  • We used to play all kinds of Filipino games.
  • I remember watching porn when I was very young. LOL. My sister and I locked ourselves in a bedroom and we watched Killing Me Softly. LOL.
  • My sister and I would play from noon to evening.
  • I had a happy and wonderful childhood. :)


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