On Claire of PBB

Warning: If you’re a hater of Claire, don’t read this. Or better yet, read this.

Of course, almost all of us here know Claire. She’s the infamous housemate of PBB. People call her a skank, a bitch,  a fucker, you name it. People, especially teens, hate her for being so “malandi” to the guys. They think that Claire thinks that she’s too beautiful and all the guys like her. Claire was even hated more when she refused to lend a hand to Karen who asked for her help.

I’m not really a fan of PBB, but I must admit that I watch it every night because my sister loves it. I have watched Claire since she was introduced to the audience. She’s the Cinderebel of *insertplacehere*, right? She has no father and her mother has a mental disorder. Because of this, she got “lost” and she started drinking and doing things that she shouldn’t be doing.

And now she’s being hated by almost all PBB fans. Srsly guys?!

I mean, after all the things she has been through, do you really expect her to become a good and perfect girl inside Kuya’s house? Do you think that that would be fast and easy? Come on! No father and a mentally disabled mother. Do you think that is okay? I have not experienced that but I know that it is friggin’ hard. It’s hard being “alone.” Claire lacks attention and that is not hard to understand. She seeks attention from her parents. She has no father who is expected to guide and teach her about things in life. She has a mother, yes, but do you know how hard it is if your mother is mentally disabled? It is painful to think that your mother is suffering, right?

So what is really my point? My point is that we should give Claire some time. I’m not a fan of her; in fact, I get irritated of her. But we should also understand her. We should understand the reason why she seeks attention. We should not judge her immediately. People make mistakes, right? And so does she. She has gone through a lot already and she is still on the verge of improving herself.

We should give her a chance. I know that she will improve sooner or later. I hope so.

I just want everyone to stop hating her. PBB was created not so that the whole Philippines would hate one person. Claire is still very young, and she has a big chance to improve and get a new life.

{Stop the hate. Spread the love.}