Advice: Don’t (ever) give your precious textbooks away.

Remember when I told you that I’ll be studying by myself for the upcoming entrance exams in college because I probably won’t enroll in a review center? I started reviewing, actually. I looked for some tips in the Internet and I took some notes of the common topics of UPCAT. There are so many topics, and I’m really hoping that the whole summer would be enough for me to cover them. UPCAT covers first to fourth year lessons, and that means that I would be needing my old textbooks for reviewing. I was ready to get my textbooks when I realized something. Oops, I gave my old textbooks away and now they’re gone. Boom.

My science and English textbooks in first year and second year are gone. I gave them to other people because I didn’t know that I would be needing them in the future. I am so dumb. Whyyyy. I only kept my math books. Whyyy. Why math?! Why not biology? Why?! :’(

And now I’m really worried. How can I review if I have lacking books? Internet, Teresa. Duh. Your other books, Teresa. Duh. Look for a solution, Teresa. Duh.

I guess I should be in a review center, after all. Yuh.

So guys, here’s a piece of advice. Think twice before giving (or throwing) your precious textbooks away. You will regret it if you’ll find yourself looking for them in the future. :)